The History and Future of the AMERICAN THEATER GROUP

The beginnings of the American Theater Group (ATG) grew out of the desire to promote American culture through theater.  In 2013, as current President of the Association Americans In Alsace (AIA),  a call was put out to like minded individuals interested in theater.   It was from this group of volunteers that the  ATG created its first show Annie Jr.

Annie Jr  was a great success and today holds the number one position when searched on Google.  It has over one hundred thousand hits on YouTube ( ).

In 2014 the ATG produced its second show Seussical Jr  with five performances to over seven hundred spectators ( ) .

The ATG will be forever grateful to the association Americans In Alsace for its support and financial backing for the first two shows.

This year (2015) the Board of Americans In Alsace including myself as current President voted to  financially back one more ATG show.  The upcoming show is The Baker’s Daughter and is an original commissioned work by Christopher Bradley.   The Baker’s Daughter presented by the American Theater Group and will not only be sponsored by the AIA but will be produced by the newly created PEACE Productions Agency.  PEACE is an acronym for Promoting Education, Arts, Culture & Entertainment.  It is the objective of PEACE Productions to support future theater works by the ATG and to work with all people interested in promoting peace through education, arts, culture and entertainment.


Meet the Cast & Crew of THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER (World Premiere Cast)

 Meet the Cast & Crew

Matthew_Joseph Moran (Matthew)  Joseph MoranTimothee_Martin Lee(Timothy)  Martin LeeArthur_Serge Chevalier(Arthur) Serge ChevalierSophie_Lily Lorenzi(Sophie) Leslie-Anne LorenziIrene_Alison Shipps(Irene) Alison Shipps BayardAshley_Aline Ederlé Bradley(Ashley) Aline Ederlé BradleyPostwoman_Ella Poirot(Postwoman) Ella PoirotMadame Laurent_Claire Schneider(Madame Laurent) Claire SchneiderMonsieur Demeure_Grégoire Durand(Mr. Demeure) Grégoire Durand Alicia_Liana Gaudreault(Alicia) Liana Gaudreault

Meet the Crew Author_Cristofer Edward(Play Wright) Christopher Bradley
Director_Matt Beymer(Director) Matt BeymerPlanning manager_Jane Moran(Planning Manager) Jane MoranKathleen_Key manager(Key Manager) Kathleen MessnerSounds and lights manager_Rob Simmons(Sound & Lights) Rob Simmons

Not pictured yet!

(Sound, Lights & Video) Bill Stern

(Stage Manage) Mike Mecek

Producer_Luther Weathers(Producer) Luther L. Weathers III