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CALL FOR DIRECTORS ( Adult Cast and Youth Cast)


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Adult Cast and Youth Cast

Proposed Performance date June 2015

 The name of this project is THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER and is written by AIA member Chris Bradley.

The Baker’s Daughter, is a comedy with elements of romance and drama. It takes place in the present day in Wissenheim, a fictional Alsatian town. The setting (in terms of the set) is a first-floor apartment, with some action going on at street level, including a small bakery just below the apartment.

In its advanced-draft form, the play is composed of five acts, and has a cast of roughly ten characters (five main roles, and five supporting roles). At least two are American, one is Canadian, one is from Ireland, and five to six are French. The play is written in English, with occasional French; no understanding of French is necessary.

This project will actuallly be cast with an adult cast and a seperate youth cast but will be using the same stage and set.  The adult cast will be perfomed in the evenings with paid entry by the spectators and the youth cast will be perfomed during the school day and entry is free to students.  The production date of mid June 2015 is scheduled to be perfomed at the College International of Esplande.

Contact Luther at to learn more about this project.

My cell phone number is 06 45 94 34 46.

Thank you!