Open Auditions for THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER by Christopher Bradley

Open Auditions for the original play

Adult casting for THE BAKER'S DAUGHTER
Adult casting for THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER by Christopher Bradley.

Directed by Luther L. Weathers, III


MATTHEW:  male lead; present throughout

A young man who has come from the US to teach English in a small, eastern French town.

TIMOTHY:  male lead; present throughout

Matthew’s roommate. Also American, in his 20s, and works as a literary translator.

ASHLEY:  female lead; consistent presence

Timothy’s girlfriend. A Canadian who works as an interpreter at the Assembly of Europe.  In her early to mid 20’s

ALICIA :  supporting character; occasional presence

Matthew’s ill-defined significant other back in the U.S.  Inher early to mid 20’s

ARTHUR LE GONDOLIER:  male lead; present throughout

The baker, whose shop is just below Matthew’s apartment.  Father old enough to be the father of Sophie (his daughter)

SOPHIE LE GONDOLIER:  female lead; consistent presence

The baker’s daughter; a young woman.

IRENE, LA CONSEILLERE PEDAGOGIQUE:  supporting character; occasional presence

Matthew’s teaching advisor. A British woman. Age of 30’s to 50’s

XAVIER (XAVIÈRE) DEMEURE:  supporting character; one appearance

An acclaimed French baker.  Age of 30’s to 50’s

ALEXIS (ALEXIE) LAURENT- A French novelist:  supporting character; one appearance

Age of 30’s to 50’s

JEAN-MARIE         The postman:  supporting character; half-dozen lines

Age of 30’s to 50’s

THIBAULT DÉGEORGES Arthur’s rival.:  no lines

Age of 30’s to 50’s

ENGLISHMAN:  supporting character; one appearance

Adult (Age not specific)

CUSTOMER 1:  supporting character; half-dozen lines

Adult (Age not specific)

CUSTOMER 2:  supporting character; half-dozen lines

Adult (Age not specific)

Please click and print the text below to prepare for your audition:

1.6 — Matthew, Timothy

2.1Arthur, Matthew, Sophie, English

2.2 — Matthew, Timothy, Ashley

2.3 — Arthur, Matthew, Sophiehman 

2.4 — Irene, Matthew

2.5 — Matthew, Timothy, Alicia

5.4 — Alicia, Xavier, Alexis (et al.) 

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